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    We are excited to announce the 3×3 video view has been rolled out 100% to for Windows and Mac Clients. If you aren’t seeing 3×3 yet, please logout and log back in to the client.

    We realize 3×3 is a start, but not good enough… as mentioned, we are continuing to work to include more videos during a meeting, as well as enabling support for mobile devices. Hence, the “partially done” status.

    Please see documentation here:


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    Anonymous commented  · 

    For all of you needing to see everyone in your meeting, here is the correct way to set up Teams to allow this.

    #1, Take a polaroid photo of each of your participants.
    #2, Send copies of each photo to every participant,along with a roll of scotch tape, via postal services, UPS, DHL, whatever.
    #3, Send a meeting request to your participants instructing them to scotch tape these pictures to their monitor.
    #4 Start a normal conference call over plain old telephone lines.
    #5 Use your imagination, pretend you see your participants lips move, their eyes light up, and their faces brighten as you deliver your awe inspiring presentations.
    #6 Enjoy accolades from your Board of Directors when you show them how much money you saved when delivering results that Microsoft could not at ANY price. 24 pictures, all displayed at once! Who could LIVE at that speed ?!?!??

    Or, sign up for Zoom. These are your only options.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I should be surprised that this 'feature' (required functionality) STILL is not a part of Teams.

    Unfortunately this is just the latest in a long list of non-business friendly attitudes from Microsoft. Microsoft builds what its gamer centric engineers think is important to them, customers be damned. Remember the Windows phone, in which the capability to VPN to your business was removed? They promised it in the next release, then the next, then the next phone version, but never did it.

    If Microsoft execs had any idea how much business they lose and how much benefit they give to their own competition, they would change their design philosophy to "Ask what businesses want, then make it". Instead .... We get Teams with a 2X2 window.

    If everyone dumped Teams and went to Zoom, I bet they'd finally see the importance, but probably would never fix it anyway. Note the response above from 'Alex' - the latest response from Microsoft - who says 'we're working on it' .... as of January 14, 2020.

    We are wasting our time adding to this list. Spend it signing up for Zoom instead.

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