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    Scootch commented  · 

    Agreed. This is both asinine and infuriating! I am a work-at-home entrepreneur. I have 3 instances of Skype running at any time, for different contracts I run. When I have meetings I literally have to shut my Skype(s) down and kill the process thru task manager, and restart once done!

    DND (aka "do not disturb") worked beautifully for YEARS. Now? Freaking JOKE! It does NOT work across MULTIPLE devices! An absolute pathetic fail... we get that glitches happen! But to have THIS many complaints for THIS long??

    For 1.5 years DND has not worked on my PC or laptop, on ALL 3 accounts! This is true for the web version, it is true for the app version... it does stop the "alerts" for messages, but NOT CALLS.

    I can be in a Zoom meeting, which you have to often turn volume way up to hear people. Suddenly, a Skype call (or 2 or 3 or 4++)... and it about blows out your eardrums and makes you jump out of your skin!

    I despise Microsoft and its developers for this lack of care, absolutely idiotic that this is still an issue when I pay for calling cards, phone #'s, "world" subscriptions for multiple acounts!

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    Scootch commented  · 

    Same here. CONSTANTLY being interrupted and havae to force-close Skype so that non-Skype calls and Zoom meetings aren't interrupted! Absurd. Do not disturb worked perfectly for YEARS, and now suddenly doesn't work AT ALL.

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