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    Jason commented  · 

    "We are working on a design with more density in mind." We haven't heard that one before here, right? It's like they don't care. Words are just words with no action. They're either lying, or they don't know what direction to go with it - which is what that latest statement sounds like to me. But how can you not know after 7 months? You'd better extend support for Skype for Business Online indefinitely, then.

    Jason commented  · 

    I suggest everyone do what I did, and open a ticket for this issue. Now a year and a half away from the death of SfB Online, and no comparable chat replacement for SfB. And, worse yet, no time left to plan a deployment of a Teams client with a compact mode option - even if it came out today - for really large orgs. One of two things has to happen:

    1. Microsoft releases a Teams client w/compact mode this quarter yet.
    2. Microsoft postpones retiring SfB Online indefinitely.

    Jason commented  · 

    I opened a ticket in our O365 tenant for this, now that we've reached incident status with us being forced off of Skype for Business Online with no legit replacement for it, from a client IM experience. I am asking them to keep that open until this is resolved. The Level 3 support engineer who has responded has no update on this, either.

    Jason commented  · 

    A little over 1 yr. and 8 months from now, and they want to pull the plug from us on Skype for Business Online - but have nothing equal to it to which we can move. Even if they released a new comparable compact mode for Teams today - we're getting down to the wire for larger orgs. to properly plan deployment of that, and migration to Teams from SfB Online in time. Everyone open a ticket in your O365 tenant for this, and make sure they keep the tickets open until this issue is resolved. It is, after all, now an issue with them forcing us off of a platform that works for us, and onto one that does not.

    Jason supported this idea  · 
    Jason commented  · 

    I don't know how a feature that Microsoft was going to enable this month (allow user self-service purchases of Power Platform products) got like 39% fewer votes than this, but was "heard" by Microsoft - and their approach changed. Why hasn't this one been "heard" by Microsoft?

    Jason commented  · 

    At minimum, I expect regular updates from Microsoft on this thread on this, given the very high interest from customers. But that's not what we're getting. I've posted here before - but as a large metro hospital, it's imperative that we have a chat client that has a small footprint, and doesn't take up most of the display. Microsoft is forcing their customers to Teams from SfB Online. The common sense approach here would be you, then, give your customers a reasonable/viable alternative to that client. You can't take a hammer away from someone framing a house and tell them they need to use a jackhammer from now on. That usually doesn't end well for either party.

    This needs to be done NOW. You can't afford to go down to the wire, Microsoft, on this. We only have 22 months before you pull the plug on us from SfB Online. It takes time and planning for an organization to 1.) deploy a new client, 2.) train their end-users and 3.) migrate users over to Teams from SfB Online. You should know that. Or does it take a number of organizations - like ours - to move their $3.2 million/year (or more) investment in O365 to another solution to wake you up?

    Jason commented  · 

    Given that Microsoft is now forcing us to move to Teams by end of July 2021, they had better give us an IM client experience with Teams similar to the Skype for Business client. We are a large metro hospital. Most of our Skype for Business Online users are using the SfB client just for instant messages. It's not practical for users to use an application that takes up as much screen real estate as the current Teams client does just for chat. No one works that way. And, we shouldn't have to deal with an endless line of upset/frustrated customers within our organization (which is what we'd have) over a change that Microsoft is forcing us into.

    Jason commented  · 

    We would be interested in migrating our Skype for Business users to Teams - but we have a lot of people who are primarily heavy IM users who would not like the experience of using such a large client just for chat. A compact Teams client, or compact mode within the Teams client is a "must-have" before we would consider migrating to Teams for chat.

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