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    There's a reason AOL and MySpace died. Those don't look, and act, in a way that suits the professional user. Instead of taking social/silly tools and trying to move them towards professionalism, go the other direction and try starting with a professional product and adding lighter features or make them more accessible. The interface looks like what my employees do on break, not like work. I don't want random whitespace and huge icon encouragement to "Add a Team Member!" and chats that are designed for the depth of twitter. If you want me to use the tool in a professional setting, either provide me an environment that suits that workflow, OR let me customize it so that I don't deal with the extraneous stuff. Productivity and work is about focus and about the WORK, not about the software's attempts to help me with my work and guide me and invite me through every little action- with NO WAY TO CUSTOMIZE THAT OUT OF MY %$@#! WAY. Teams, you're trying too hard to get me to like you. Assume that we're all professionals and can navigate an Office app already. The constant attempt to try to make an interface welcoming to someone new is alienating ALL of the people who already know how to navigate a menu and now have 4 click-throughs where one should do. That's not productive, at all. Yes, I have plenty of real estate on my screen. Yes, appropriate use of white space makes a GUI better. But I also have 3 screens full of work to do and the capability to multitask, process information, AND remember directions. I don't WANT my hand held- I want to do my job. It's like a term paper written in big type to try to disguise it has no substance. To see comments like this, about simple things, from 2016- that just shows there's no point in commenting at all. It's not going to change, because at this point the assessment has to move from "oversight/you care" to "intentional/you really don't".

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