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    partially done  ·  Warren responded

    The zoom feature has released to the public ring. Using CRTL + or CTRL – zoom in and out on a Windows PC.

    I need to correct the information I provided last month about MAC. It appears the MAC version is still in testing and hasn’t yet gone out to the public. It is “In Testing” but will be coming to the public soon!

    The item tracking this specific update can be found at:

    There now is a UI element that tells you your current zoom level and a Setting within the UI to preset your zoom preference.

    Since the zoom feature could very well cover the vast majority of user needs, based on the majority of comments and feedback, I will flag this item as Partially Done.

    Thank you for all the feedback and support!

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    Chris commented  · 

    Zooming is NOT, I repeat, NOT NOT NOT changing font size. It's changing the whole UI.

    This is asinine. This is a feature that has been available on even the most simple text editing software for literally decades.

    This is an incredibly poor design choice.

    This is incredibly controlling of your users. When did you turn into Apple?

    This is completely unacceptable from a customer experience perspective.

    Frankly, so many of the 500+ employees at my company are getting fed up with this poor engineering practice that we're going to be switching applications within the next 6 months.

    I would LOVE to see the documentation that went into the design of this product and the reasons behind leaving out this critical piece of functionality.

    Personally, I question the quality of the product and the engineering team behind it. This should have been part of the MVP, much less a product that's been out for well over a year.

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