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    partially done  ·  Warren responded

    The zoom feature has released to the public ring. Using CRTL + or CTRL – zoom in and out on a Windows PC.

    I need to correct the information I provided last month about MAC. It appears the MAC version is still in testing and hasn’t yet gone out to the public. It is “In Testing” but will be coming to the public soon!

    The item tracking this specific update can be found at: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/admin/v3/suggestions/16933183/activity

    There now is a UI element that tells you your current zoom level and a Setting within the UI to preset your zoom preference.

    Since the zoom feature could very well cover the vast majority of user needs, based on the majority of comments and feedback, I will flag this item as Partially Done.

    Thank you for all the feedback and support!

    JJW commented  · 

    Yes, the Microsoft Teams default screen designs do not meet Accessibility compliance standards.

    And this Feedback page itself does not meet Accessibility compliance standards.

    - missing alternative text
    - empty heading
    - empty button
    - empty link
    - broken ARIA reference
    - 62 color contrast errors

    But, don't aim your displeasure at Microsoft. To big of a target. Your concerns will just disappear.

    The true culprits are the screen designers and/or webmasters. They are hired for their knowledge of screen design, visual presentation skills, and application of industry standards. Yet, they knowingly allow this inferior product to be published. And they knowingly allow their company and their Directors to be fined for these violations.

    One or two of them will probably even read this message, while they're taking a break from playing the latest popular video game. But those employees will provide a few lame excuses about why they can't do anything about it, and they'll go back to their video game. Then, I'll come back here in a month or so, nothing will have changed, and we'll all still have problems trying to read these screens. And those employees will have leveled up in their video game (but not leveled up in their work abilities).

    I would be ashamed if it was me. But it's not me. I take pride in my work.


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    JJW commented  · 

    Please note: The contrast of colors in the default color scheme in Microsoft Teams does not meet current legislated Accessibility requirements:

    AODA in Canada

    Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act in the US

    I do understand that using a grey background instead of a white background reduces glare on the screen. However, it is not a sound choice to use a grey font on top of that grey background.

    (Side note: The "Feedback" page where I'm entering this comment also does not meet those Accessibility standards.)

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