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    Thank you for your reports. We released client and service updates this week, that address many MacOS-specific performance issues. We are also aware of recent performance issues with Microsoft Teams meetings, especially on laptops and when using external monitors.

    The team is working to resolve these issues. In the meantime, please find troubleshooting information here:

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    Asterion commented  · 

    Microsoft are such an incompetent bunch of idiots. Skype has gone downhill since they bought it. They have a habit of never fixing issues, but just inserting more and more complex work-arounds. To the point where we are today — Skype on the Mac takes over 130% CPU just to open!
    Luckily for Microsoft, the software development industry has created a unique paradigm the differs to all other development organisations: the products they sell don't ever actually have to work. They are legally allowed to release bug-filled rubbish (as Microsoft regularly do) and simply claim they are working on "bug-fixes" and "patches" for ever. And thus, a properly functioning product never has to be made. Cue huge profits and bonuses all round!
    If any industry, did this, they would be sued to kingdom come. Imagine a car manufacturer who sold cars which had a small bug with the doors — in that sometimes they didn't open. Imagine if that car manufacturer said "It's fine. We're working on a fix in the next 12 months. In the meantime, just climb in through the trunk — problem solved!"
    In a just universe with a fair market, Microsoft would have been drummed out of business years ago. Instead, most of the big software producers — Microsoft; Adobe; etc. — have created a warped reality where expecting to get a properly designed, built and functioning product for your money is seen as unrealistic.
    A sad state of affairs.

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