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    Rob commented  · 

    Congratulations Microsoft you released a Linux version of Teams... not that any software dev will actually care because there is no compact mode! It just baffles me such a simple request has not been followed through after so many years. You're really undermining the potential of Teams and any integrations with VS Code by simply making it awful for those that need to dump code snips or busy deployment channels where you need to quickly and efficiently see what has transpired during a release.
    Anyhow not that I really have to worry as we use Slack! lol

    Rob commented  · 

    I think it's clear at this point is that the Teams devs probably have no say in fixing this. It will be hippy at the centre of the new 'fluid' design for all products. Unfortunately for Teams Microsoft have a history of being pretty hit and miss with UI design. The Azure portal an example of just how bad some of it is.
    It's time to tell the artist at the centre of it all that they are wrong and let the Teams team fix the UI.

    Rob commented  · 

    Ignite 2018 comes around and more demos about video conferencing and language translation. The core of the product which is just simply collaborating via chat just gets no love at all. Literally everything else about Slack isn't that great, particularly for enterprise 'requirements', but it gets its core function right and users time and time again prefer Slack over Teams.

    Rob commented  · 

    Slack launch day here. Teams does some things really well but I guess it simply didn't get the basics right. I think the Teams team are hard focusing on adding heaps of features and O365 ingratiation and dropping the ball on making teams a clean, fast, smooth experience. Considering we're licensed for Teams, are Microsoft relying too much on their captive market and thinking they wont look elsewhere?

    Rob commented  · 

    I'm not sure if this is part of the plan, but I'm noticing the menus and chat space is getting better at automatically compacting itself as you resize the window or snap it half screen. On new high res screens I'm sure it could look reasonably dense. Though it would be good to see some better use of space on a full screen option too. Maybe they a slowly sneaking the changes in.

    Rob commented  · 

    Can Microsoft be upfront on what the holdup is? Is it some sort of internal bureaucracy? I could imagine asking for any sort of compact layout is at odds with the lead O365 UX team driving the big bright icons design. Maybe since Teams is announced as the Skype replacement resources are being put into making Teams a giant bloated behemoth.

    Rob commented  · 

    I can only imagine the internal politics with the UX teams are about this change. Office 365 is full of big icons and Teams is part of the product. This request is at odds with the overall look and feel of O365.

    I wouldn't mind seeing an overall more dense layout of O365. Please get the Teams change done soon.

    Rob supported this idea  · 

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