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    Teams UserVoice Commentor commented  · 

    🙏🏻Pleeaase😭Pleeaase🙏🏻. Allow us to Delete meetings, cancelled or not, forever ! 🙏🏻Pleeaase😭Pleeaase🙏🏻.

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    Teams UserVoice Commentor commented  · 

    Can’t we even vote for someone else’s message here from mobile ? I am itching to do it.

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    Teams UserVoice Commentor commented  · 

    1) In meetings, I am joining from mobile, I can't spotlight anyone.

    2) I cant delete messages of others for myself.

    3) Once I hide a chat [ I have to hide it cause I can't delete it ] I can't unhideit till I or the one I'm chatting with sends a message.

    4) Any message which I read without swiping them read beforehand in the activity, is still marked as unread.

    5) Status does not fully reflect the current status. In the chat list the status of my friend is “In a Call” but in the chat itself it is available.

    6) When I right click or hold my picture in meetings, then the options that come should include “View my Profile”.

    7) After a call, whenever the “How was the quality of this call” comes and I rate it, it never closes and I have to restart Teams.

    8) I can’t delete the “General” channel in any team when I create a new channel.

    9) I can’t leave any teams.

    10) Can’t rate a message like more than once. Not more than 6 types of ratings.

    11) Can’t sent a quoted message without writing something.

    12) As soon as I change a settings my call goes off and the teams app closes.

    13) In meetings when i join as an attendee, Please remove the “You’ve joined as an attendee X” comment above the screen.

    14) Assignment now has no meaning... I can’t see any assignments in it. Says “Navigate to an individual class to view it’s assignments.”

    15) I can’t join meetings if I don’t give access to teams my microphone.

    16) Whenever new messages come in a chat or team which I am currently in, the software drags me down to see the new messages. I have to again climb up the messages carefully to get to the message I was previously reading.

    17) Even the feedback I send takes an hour !

    18) Lowest quality of hearing ability this app....It converts “Ok Maam” to “I am a Man” when I turn on Live Captions.


    20) Once I am removing a cancelled meeting from my calendar and the next hour I find it has popped up again !

    21) Not saving messages in “Saved messages” in another device when I am saving it in one device...... just marking that message as saved...... I’ve no access to it on another device. Looks like teams saving the messages in “Saved messages” only on the local storage or personal storage.

    22) Why don’t you automatically disappear a cancelled meeting from the calendar of the mobile version ? It’s enough that you automatically send a message through the organiser that the meeting is cancelled.

    23) WORST Network quality.....DON’T blame my network for it !

    24) Shrinking buttons and modifying them does make your app look better. But shrunken buttons specify you want me to hit some other button when I am hitting another button.


    26) When I updated Teams thinking you catered to our complaints at last, I find many important things taken away instead of other things added ! One of them is Edit message.


    28) Can’t create a Personal Wiki on mobile.

    29) Not more than 1 person can share screen at a time. Can’t pin someone else, or even see anything except the shared screen.

    30) What’s the use of contacts in chat when it doesn’t show even those people with whom I started a chat.

    31) Locking the control bar prevents video to be seen to an important extent.

    32) Why are all the saved messages, order of buttons etc. different on different devices ?

    33) Why not notify for an edited message and why notify for a deleted one.

    34) Why do the animated emojis only “move” on laptop or computer and not on mobile ?

    35) Hey! You mugged in:
    • Approvals

    • Organisation

    • Wiki

    • Shifts

    • Insights

    What’s the use of all this rubbish when you can’t do anything with it ?


    37) It shows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! when I search “Next Meeting”. You said that it would show the next meeting’s name.

    38) Can’t make an Assignment in a group I created. Doesn’t have ANYTHING in tabs column. (P.S. - I didn’t add anyone in the group)

    39) I can’t type a single message in any of my Chats.

    40) You’ve favourited every chat when you mugged in “chat favourites”.

    41) Why can’t I search a single letter anywhere ?

    42) Why don’t you delete all the meetings of a team or chat when the team or chat is deleted.

    43) Why did you remove the emojis in the meetings ? Is it only for presenters ?

    44) There is not any option of making all people joining a meeting to attendees. (P.S. - I didn’t as anyone in the meeting)


    46) Why does everything get restored as soon as I sign out ?

    47) Can’t you play all videos in teams itself like Skype does ? I don’t like them being played in YouTube every time.

    And the last and most important point, which cannot be numbered because it is a conclusion, is that any updates in Teams should be applied to all data and not just any data coming after the update.

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    Teams UserVoice Commentor commented  · 

    Please increase the length of the comment so that I may post my long one.

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