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  1. Multiple Notifications Bugs


    We have been testing Microsoft Teams for almost a week now, while we love the product; however, it is proving to be counter productive when it stops sending notifications, we are using alternative means to notify each other to check messages on MS Teams.

    What we noticed for example is that if discussions continue in a thread for over a day, no new notifications whatsoever are being triggered. In some occasions, even though we have an ongoing discussion, notifications stop, but only work if you tag the other person, but again, this is not a new thread, so it…

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    thank you!  ·  Warren responded

    I’m going to close this thread out with a Thank you!
    The requests in this topic and many in the comments already exist in other UV items. Here is a list of some of the big ones which can be up-voted and commented upon in their respective threads.

    Allow different notification options on Teams and Channels –

    Integrate with Windows notification center (native notifications) –

    Use built in notifications for macOS (native notifications) –

    Notifications are easily missed –

    Add Team wide reminders –

    Sound is too low and other sounds problems –

    Follow and unfollow conversation thread –

    Browser/OS independent desktop notifications using HTML5 –

    Please up-vote the appropriate topics you support.


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