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  1. Delete bot messages

    With the Polly bot, sometimes a member of one of my Teams will make an error while writing out a poll. Currently it is not possible to remove this poll, or, as far as I can tell, any message that is created by a bot.

    It would be great to be able to delete messages created by bots.

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  2. Allow on premise bots

    By allowing bots which are hosted "on premise" (behind a company firewall), one allow to access systems from that company.
    This is the situation for many companies where the infrastructure or services which need to be reachable by bots is not on the public internet.

    Some scenarios:
    - A bot is running behind a company firewall
    - The bot connects to MS teams, joins a channel, and "listens" to conversations (outbound connection to the internet)

    This enables interactions like:
    - @bot, list defects (from an in-house issue tracker)
    - @bot, add capacity to applicationx (after an authorization phase, on-prem application…

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  3. Remove Bot Mention Requirement

    It seems as though currently all bots only work if you @mention them, so my assumption is that this is a requirement of the api used to develop the bots.

    Many people from my organization are used to IRC/Slack style bots where an explicit @mention isn't required for bots to parse a message and respond.

    Sometimes there is fun functionality that can be added for a lot of bots and having to @mention a bot really detracts from the user experience of some bots.

    I can also see this getting out of hand when using a lot of bots, so…

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    on the backlog  ·  Warren responded

    This item is still on the backlog. I’ve received no further updates yet about this topic. I will continue to bring your feedback to the feature team.


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