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limited cpu after sleep mode

Sorry but I couldn't find anything in the known issues and quite franckly I was shocked.
Our company have been dealing with a lot of CPU lockups occuring when Teams desktop app has been used and the computer goes to sleep mode.
When waking up, we often see limited CPU usage.
In my case, I can't use more than 34% of the CPU and from what I have been told, this was caused by Teams app leaking a process that we can't see in taskmgr.
Therefore, we can't kill it in any other way than by rebooting.
I have formatted my laptop and reinstalled a working image. IT worked for a week or so.
Then I installed Teams client app again, at some point it updated to latest version and the problem is back again.

This is really anoying since I can't figure any way to avoid it. Even by turning off sleep mode (which drains my battery by the way) it won't allow me to use full CPU after closing the lid on my laptop and moving to another place. (and yes, I have disabled any action on lid closing also)

Please fix this or at least make it a known issue so we can track its progress.


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  • Andres S commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi, well, same here. I started noticing my laptop going full wind blast mode for no reason and traced it to Teams using 100% (of one CPU thread).

    In my laptop's case, that is 12.5% (100% CPU / 4 cores / 2 threads per core = 1 thread running at 100%).

    Going over its execution details on Process Explorer, found that there is one thread which starts at "IsSandboxedProcess+somenumber" and that thread is stuck on "waiting thread sync". That thread had used *a lot* of CPU Process Explorer claims.

    So, this process is stuck on a deadlock situation of sorts, my very rusty developer gut tells me. If that is the case, thats a crass bug.

    Once quit Teams (using its own Quit command), the wind turbine mode on my laptop stopped, almost immediately.

    Once I started Teams, it didn't go CPU crazy. My laptop had just resumed from sleep.

    I have no more time to delve deeper into this, hopefully this information helps - somehow. Teams is quite slow, but now being CPU hog... not good.

    I will cross post this on other threads I find relevant, apologies in advance.

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