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Let's suppose I am in one of the following situations:

* I'm a teacher or lecturer with a class full students.
* I'm at a conference doing a presentation

I want to create a team and add all the people as members. Which would be doable if I had a list of everyone's email. But often teachers don't have instant access to all of their students email addresses. Rarely would presenters know the emails of all the guests.

At present I could get a link for my team. Then convert that to QR code then project that on the wall or include the QR code in the presentation notes that guest pick up when entering.

The guests could then login and request access. Then one by one I could accept them.

This however is long winded, by the time I have accepted the guests, by presentation might be over.

I would like this process to be much faster and efficent. So efficient that it would probably be easier than using mailing lists to add people.

I would like to have the power as the owner of a team to create a special url and QR that has a short expiry period. When the QR code is snapped by someone they gain instant membership to the team.

I'd actually like the choice of being able to make two types of QR code. One where it will grant instant membership and the other where it will grant instant "Read Only"/Guest membership.

Now imagine when I am running my next work meeting will my colleagues, I can project on the wall a QR code and say, log on within the 10 mins and you'll get straight in.

However, as you can now imagine, on the wall, my screen is now somewhat stuck on the QR code whilst everyone gets out their phone. So my presentation is still off to a rocky start.

Which is why I'd prefer to be able to print in advance the QR code. So I can print them the day before. If someone tries to use it ahead of schedule or it could just work like a standard request for membership.

Now my presentation goes like this.
1) Guests walk in the door and pick up the notes.
2) I welcome them and introduce myself and say that soon we'll refer to the QR code in the notes.
3) I ask the guests to get out their phones and if they can log on within the next 10 mins then it will be seemless.
4) I simulaneously enable my 10 min expiry window
5) Voila 90% of my guests are now in the team and can access the resources. The remaining 10% that couldn't get their phones to work can wait untill later in the day and use the same QR code to request membership.
For those without a camera, hopefully I there can be a short URL unlike the current horridiously long URLs

6) I can continue with my presentation. whilst a few people are still logging in.

During the presentation I could now easily do survey polls with the crowd using Forms bot in the chat area.

I can faciliatate interactive lesson with my students. or meeting with my colleagues etc.

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  • Henno Täht commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just wish it would be as simple as starting a new meeting, clicking add people, clicking get a link and sharing this link to whichever way (like giving it to secretary to pass it on to guests of a training session).

    It would be most awesome if the only thing a guest has to do to start viewing my presentation on any machine is just to click that link and enter his name. Not everyone has a Microsoft Account or an idea what it is or time/desire to set one up.

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