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E911 support in Teams (like in Skype)

E911 for Teams. E911 is required for any corporate deployment and the minimum functional level would be the equivalent of what Skype for business server offers right now. Please see the following:

 911 and mobility
A user is mobile inside an organization multiple geographic locations and can call the 911 from anywhere with a PC on the lan with identified subnet.
Currently from the skype documentation:
“In a Skype for Business Server E9-1-1 deployment, each internally-connected Skype for Business or Lync Phone Edition client actively acquires its own location. After SIP registration, the client furnishes all the network connectivity information that it knows about itself it in a location request to the Location Information service”
“The Skype for Business client includes the PIDF-LO data as part of an emergency call, and this data is used by the E9-1-1 service provider to determine the appropriate PSAP and route the call to that PSAP along with the correct ESQK, which allows the PSAP dispatcher to obtain the caller's location”

Is it planned to be able to acquires location during the Teams client registration?
Is it going to be available from any Teams client (what about Teams mobile)
Which location request will be available (subnet? Bssid? …)

 911 warning notification user outside the internal network
From Skype documentation:
“If there is not a match, the user may be prompted to enter a location manually (depending on location policy settings)”

If the user running Teams is not connected on the internal network, is it planned to prompted the user? Is it planned to be able to show a 911 warning on the client interface?

 911 call notification
From Skype documentation:
If you configured the location policy for notifications, one or more of your organization's security officers are sent a special Skype for Business emergency notification instant message. This message always pops up on the security officers' screen(s) and contains the caller's name, phone number, time, and location, enabling security personnel to quickly respond to the emergency caller by using an instant message or voice. If you configured the location policy for conferencing and it is supported by the E9-1-1 service provider, an internal Security Desk is conferenced into the call with either one-way audio or two-way audio.

Is it planned with Teams to be able to notify a desk security when a 911 call occurred?

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a blocker for clients seeking to migrate to Teams from on premises UC solutions.

  • Seth Schumacher commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I definitely could use this. I've deployed West E911 gateways doing SNMP polling to update the LIS database in Skype for Business. Without this capability of updating a user's location based on network location I can't proceed with a Teams migration, let alone integration since the collaboration modes required users to be homed online which breaks the E911 capabilities.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We are looking at moving several thousand users to teams. Not having 911 notification and call treatment options wold be a "show stopping" item.. Is this in the roadmap?

  • habib commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree we definitely need this in Teams, I have clients that have this as a blocker for moving to SFBO/Teams as their regulations require it. In addition I would also add email notifications and possibly an sms option as well.

  • Jens Madsen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I second this request as true dynamic nomadic E911 services to at least IP subnet or SSID is a requirement for many businesses. The ability to use an E911 service provider thru direct routing and also the ability to do this at the switch port level with a third party PDM is very important.

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