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Shared Channels between Organizations

Slack is now supporting the following:

Shared Channels between Orgs:

Private Shared Channels between Orgs:

Please ensure that Teams supports both of these features as they're likely to be considered critical requirements from a conversation-based collaboration platform in 2018.

The experience should be as follows:
1) Admin should be able to allow channels to be shared between orgs.
2) Teams members should be able to invite Guests to channels.
3) Teams members should be able to select who will externally be the "Self-Service Admin" of the channel on the other Orgs side.
4) Global Admins on both sides should always have control over Shared Channels.
5) Shared Channels should be labeled in some way as shared channels and they should be able to have Conditional Access policies applied accordingly.
6) Shared Channels should show up in a "Team" that uses the name of the other org. Example, Contoso shares with Fabrikam. User on Fabrikam sees a team called "Contoso" with a Shared Channel below that.
7) This should work on Desktop, Mobile, and Web without limitations.

This is important because it ensures that team members can collaborate across organizations more effectively and not potentially miss notifications.

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  • Philip commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another idea is for each Team to have an external-to-the-team Channel as a type of 'message board' that all other members/teams of the organisation can post to, with the addition of subchannels that can be created to allow better targetting of such posts to members of the target team or even subgroups of members of the target team. Members of ths target team can then subscribe to/make themselves members of any of their Teams' sub channels and so handle the commuications arriving in that sub channel. The concept is that a Team has an organisation-facing 'service area', that others can leave messages or posts or queries to e.g. specially created sub channels such as Suggestion box, Likes/Praise, technical issues, priority issues, complaints and so on. This channel would have its own Wiki to include e.g. instructions on how to work with the service area best, how to construct and where to leave your messages, SLAs etc. It also makes sense for sub channels to have their own wikis as well

  • Frank Wang commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Even within the same organization, shared channels between teams is also a critical yet missing feature. Without this, your only option is to build huge teams that include everyone from multiple teams, but then everyone will have visibility of all team content...

  • Jeremy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this is all really important and we need this asap! please fix this microsoft. i say 'fix' because teams is 'broken' without these collaboration features...

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