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Remove limitation for max users in Teams chat and guest access from mobile phones


We have started to use Teams and love the functionalities.

We have a Team where we keep all our related stuff within every thread and project, but...
One thing that we do miss is the ability to have the whole gang in the Chat, cause this is were stuff and short info gets out (or fun stuff).
It is not that easy to use the threads and people are doing it wrong all the time, starting a new thread instead of answering the right thread. In the chat you see everything in a simple way, all expanded, not compressed due to many replies and so on as it is in single threads.

Is there a plan to release the limitation for people in the chat, that today is 20 persons. And also to allow guests to use our chat, on their mobile devices.

The reason, we are a company that has a higher group of bosses above us, and by our side of our company, we now have new have colleagues doing other stuff, we do the clients, they fix servers and backends. Two brands, separated stuff but the same lead from above.

We have our own AAD and they have theirs, but we do need to communicate an easy way. The chat solved that one, if there was not the limitation and hickup for guests not being able to use teams chat on their mobiles.

Any plan for this? Set limitation higher or remove amount of members, and allow guests to join chat, on their mobile devices.

Magnus Franzén

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The request for a higher chat limit is already in the works and being tracked by this UV request –
If you support it, please go there and up-vote the topic.

For this current topic, I am more curious about what the guest access request is… the summary didn’t delve into it in much details. If you could provide a better clarification on what the ask is around guest access, it would be appreciated.

Looking forward to your feedback,


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