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Improve third party file integration: make it off by default; make the settings available at both the tenant and team level & easier to find

The comments at are all going nuts about:

1) The fact that the integration was pushed live by default, opening up the door to shadow IT without active consent.

2) The setting should be controllable both that the tenant level (to allow or shut down access globally), and at the team level (so if it is allowed at the tenant level, team owners would have the the option to allow or disallow it for their specific team).

3) People struggle to find the settings that control this buried in the 365 admin center. I first looked in the Teams application, view teams, settings. No luck.

Then I looked in the Office 365 Admin center. Nothing labelled Teams in the left nav bar. So I clicked on Groups, that seemed to be the closest related thing I saw. No luck.

After some Googling (ahem, Binging), I finally found it under admin center, settings, services and add-ins, Teams.

Way too buried methinks.

If you do allow the setting at the team level, it should be accessible in the settings inside of the team client (perhaps in the member permissions area). For the tenant level, in the 365 admin center, it may be helpful to add Teams as a link on the left nav bar, the same way Groups currently is.

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  • Jeff Kozloff commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What version of SharePoint Sites are supported for Cloud Storage? I am trying to connect to SharePoint Server 2013 site document library and it just say;

    We couldn't find any SharePoint site or a folder. Check the link and try again.

  • ed hansberry commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is absolutely essential it be OFF by default. The Admin center lacks notification and follow up capability so a June 2 "warning" is no good when it randomly gets turned on 3 weeks later.

    3rd party integration is fantastic, but it should be the choice of the company to enable, not a mad scramble by IT managers to disable when MS turns it on.

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