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I came into the feedback hub to post/upvote a bunch of suggestions for changes/additions but before I focused on the "what's still missing" I wanted to send the positive feedback that so far Teams has been the most compelling Microsoft user experience I have had in a while. I am enjoying it so much that most of my subsequent feedback will be pleas to integrate and consolidate more microsoft app functionality under the Teams umbrella so I can work almost solely out of this great experience without app switching. Thanks!

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Wow. This made my day.

Wonderful messages like these are what keeps this team so engaged with our users and working hard on the product! We appreciate your kindness and are so happy you are getting so much value from the product.

On behalf of everyone on the Teams team: THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING TEAMS!

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    Our company just started using the MS Teams feature today. It's very intuitive, has tons of features, file uploading is cake. It's a far superior product to Trillian, Slack, and other programs we've used.

    That said, we're hoping to migrate our many applications (Google Docs, chat, file sharing, and completely move into Office 365 to have everything in one place. Also, Office 365 app and online capabilities allow for more remote access usability.

    Being we're migrating fully over to Office 365 - is there a way to display the application modules so that we can easily navigate in and out of the chat? Or is the idea to push people more into the mobile app for MS Teams and desktop app? The desktop app is great, but it takes a lot of screens; I'm trying to think outside the box from a "How can I use this as efficiently as possible?"

    First born child on the way - efficiency is about to be my new life slogan.

    In any case, we all like it so far!

    Thank you for your time.


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