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Need full capabilities of Planner in Teams

Right now you can add a new tab for Planner in Teams. However, you are not afforded all the capabilities of Planner in this tab. Its really "Planner Lite." Here are some items you cannot do with Planner in Teams:

1) If you create a Planner in Teams, it will not be shown in Planner itself!
2) you can go to the group (in web outlook) wich is automatically created for the team and click there on planner and it will take you to the planner for the new group, which then cannot be displayed at teams, but the team was the purpose for the group in the first place?!
3) You cannot import a previous Planner into teams; you must recreate manually
4) Planner tasks do not sync from Planner to Teams
5) You can't get reminders for your Planner tasks in Teams
6) You can't choose different views (charts, etc.) of Planners when in Teams
7) You can't group by Progress of Planner items when in Teams
8) No view of Planner Hub

Please integrate Planner in Teams better and integrate Teams in Planner better!!

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The last item in the original list, #5, is covered in That one (planner task notifications) is currently in internal testing with a target for release in early Q2.

Because there are many different requests in the comments which makes it hard to update and track status of individual items, we are marking this completed, and will user individual UserVoice items to track any further Planner integration. If you have suggestions in the comments below that don’t have an existing UserVoice item, please feel free to create one.

Thanks all!


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