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  1. group chat picture

    Allow users to set pictures / display pictures to represent group chats so it is easier to differentiate them

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  2. Edit messages in teams

    Locking a message after 24 hours is counter productive and stupid.

    We need to be able to clean up channels, if an admin has to do it then thats fine but the channel is now flooded with garbage we need to get rid of and can't without deleting the entire channel.

    Dont try to be like slack, be different, be what business needs.

    Also cant see notes or edit documents on mobile.

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    Merged  ·  Suphatra responded

    We’ve put this into planning! If you have additional feedback/ideas for how we can do this or how you’d like to see this done, please contribute to the thread on this item. You can also just ping me on Twitter at @skprufo if you have any questions.

    Thank you for helping us make Teams better and better.

    Microsoft Teams

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