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Allow adding bots to channels

We have a "passive" Slack bot that listens on allowed channels and provides some useful commentary on what's happening. In Teams I can neither add bot to channel (at all), nor does it receive any messages when added to private group conversations.

(I remember the same issue with bots in Skype, actually)

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I know this was completed a while ago, but here are some instructions on two ways to add a bot to a channel:

The easiest way to add a bot is to click in the search bar, and choose the Discover bots option at the bottom of the list. From here, you can add bots to your one-on-one conversations and teams.

Another way to add bots to a team is to select View Team from the more icon icon next to your team name and clicking on the Bots tab. From here, click Bots to find bots and add them to your team. Remember, though, you can only add bots to teams if your team owner has enabled team members to do so.



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    Specifically, it would be great if connectors would also send all the activity in the channel via an outgoing webhook.

    This allows for bots like [hubot]( to work, and also allows you to have a silent bot which can execute commands typed into a channel.

    Imagine having a builds channel, with a buildbot in it. The bot notifies you when a build fails. Then you can ask the bot for a log of the errors, or you can tell the bot to restart the build. Once you have a bot like this set up, teams becomes integral to your workflow, and it seems slow and tedious to visit the html frontend for your build server.

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